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Shopping as a petite person can be very difficult: hems and sleeves are too long, fits are poor, cuts are too generous, waists are too low, arm holes are too wide, proportions are off, and the list goes on. Sometimes you get lucky and a smaller size with a quick hem shorten will do the trick; but most of the time you have to shop at petite specific stores. Sadly the few stores that do still carry petite sizing are too matronly or are not trendy. So, in honor of all the fashionable petite ladies out there, I have done a round up of my favorite retailers to shop for trendy petite clothing and I’ve included what I would buy.

The cult favorite eco-friendly retailer did a capsule petite collection In 2015. This summer they re-launched the collection for good and the clothing is cool and chic.

What I would buy...

Oyster Dress

Veronica Skirt

Zipper Jeans

An online-only and petite-only fashion brand with a focus on ethically sourced and made pieces designed in NYC.

What I would buy...

Tulip Pants

Sage Top

Alysia Gold Dress

Looking for boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic, and modern sporty? Look no further, Anthropologie has it all!

What I would buy...

Eliana Striped Cardigan

Colorblocked Faux Fur Coat

Velvet Tuxedo Blazer

The UK based fast fashion retailer has all of the have-to-have-it-now trendy fashion treasures that will lift your mood faster than a strong cup of coffee!

What I would buy...

Borg Cocoon Coat

Button Checked Pinafore Dress

Velvet Trousers

This online-only retailer has all the affordable and cutting-edge fashion your heart could desire.

What I would buy...

Chunky Sweater

Wide Leg Pants

Satin Pleated Midi Skirt

Where do you like to shop for trendy petite clothing?

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