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My name is Nejla, and I am a New York based personal fashion stylist. I have over a decade of experience advising people on all aspects of their image, helping them to enhance their positive attributes and express their identities through style. I am committed to providing clients with the best experience possible by listening to their needs and goals, ultimately guiding them to find their own personal style while making their lives—and getting dressed—easier. I believe in the transformative power of expressing your most authentic self.


After working in finance for several years, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of helping others to improve their lives through fashion. My business experience combined with my personal creativity, passion, and flair enriches my natural faculty for styling. I attribute my success to my keen eye for detail, innate sense of style, and strong understanding of fit and proportion. I am proud to say I have been rated as one of the top fashion stylists in New York, and my clients regularly refer to my services and process as life changing!


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