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Schedule a half-hour complimentary, pressure-free consultation where we will discuss your vision, and find a package that works best for your goals and budget. Don't know exactly what you're looking for? No problem! Tell me your story and we'll make a plan.




Utilizing color analysis, body type assessment, and your own personal goals for your style—and your life!—I will give feedback on your overall projected image, and offer suggestions that will take your image to the next level.



In a Closet Cleanse, your current wardrobe is edited and organized. Your closet becomes a place of efficiency, and getting dressed becomes stress-free. 



I will guide you in purchasing clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit seamlessly with your desired image and make your wardrobe complete and cohesive. Oftentimes, this part of the process has been the most difficult for people, but my extensive experience in working with different body types and styles is what makes the shopping efficient, seamless and even fun.



I put together complete looks from your wardrobe, helping you to rethink your garments in a fresh and new way. I will take pictures of the outfits to create a digital lookbook for your future reference.



Based on your destination, itinerary and style, I will help you curate the perfect travel wardrobe providing the effortless packing experience that you deserve. I will put together full outfits and provide a digital lookbook for every day of your vacation. You will look amazing, be prepared and be able to enjoy your trip!

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