TO BE STYLISH is my proven 4 step process to unleashing your authentic
style, creating peace and acceptance around your style so that getting
dressed becomes fun, shopping easy, and you get the most out of your





Define: Discover and define your authentic style, understand your body type, identify your ideal color palette, and recognize style expanders.

Cleanse: Learn to release style blocks, craft a functional and inspiring wardrobe list, manage challenges and triggers, and tackle orphan pieces. We'll transform your current wardrobe into an edited and organized space. Your closet will evolve into a haven of efficiency, making getting dressed a stress-free and seamless experience.

Shop: Master the art of shopping through strategic action; knowing
where to shop, navigating sales, and understanding the trend cycle.

Style: Learn the skills necessary to create versatile outfit formulas, update your style with the seasons, and put together complete looks from your wardrobe, helping you to rethink your garments in a fresh and new way. I will take pictures of the outfits to create a digital lookbook for your future reference.

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