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July 21, 2016


Enough things in life are complicated - accessorizing shouldn’t be. Oftentimes accessorizing can feel like doing the dishes - you know you should do it, but it seems like such a pain that you just avoid it altogether. In theory, accessorizing is an important part of creating a polished, pulled-together look (or the opposite, if that’s what you’re going for!), but it can be a frustrating process that you prefer to forgo - particularly when it comes to necklaces. Will this necklace make my neckline look too ‘busy’? Does this necklace look right with this shirt? These and similar questions abound when assessing an outfit in the mirror, trying to pinpoint exactly what is ‘off’ about your look. The truth is, just like there are style “rules,” that those interested in fashion tend to loosely follow, there are right and wrong ways to accessorize. But with basic knowledge of these guidelines, accessorizing can be fun, not a challenge! 


Below, is an outline of which necklaces you should wear with five of the most popular necklines:



With a turtle-neck, you can either go bold or dainty. A delicate chain necklace or a statement piece both work nicely since the fabric covering your neckline acts as a backdrop to the necklace.



Depending on the look you want to achieve, either a short or long necklace works well with a V-neck. A long necklace will elongate your body and tends to create a more casual look, while a shorter, chunkier necklace has more of a face-framing effect.


Crew Neck

Stick with collar necklaces for this one. A collar necklace layered over a crew neck top will achieve a polished, sophisticated look. 


Boat Neck

For tops or dresses with a boatneck, think long necklaces or pendants, or two long necklaces layered over each other! You can have fun with this one. 



Definitely go with the accessory of the season, a choker! A choker with a strapless top or dress is very chic. It balances out the look and can give a feminine look a trendy, edgier vibe!


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Who is Betty Joe Dean?

Hailing from Amish Country, Pennsylvania, Betty Joe moved to NYC to pursue a career in magazine journalism. Equal parts fashion and beauty junkie, she spent the last few years working at fashion blogs, startups, and publications, most notably in the beauty departments at Us Weekly and Harper's Bazaar. Betty Joe graduated from Fordham University with a bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies, a curriculum that revealed her passions for social media, marketing, and brand development. Ultimately abandoning the editorial career path for a career in digital branding, Morgan now works on the digital team at a beauty PR firm. In her free time she enjoys browsing her favorite fashion and beauty blogs (there are many), exploring the city with her friends (you'll find her in Brooklyn), and eating way, way too much gelato (if she's not vegan that day). Well-versed in traditional fashion and beauty journalism but a product of the digital age, Betty Joe hopes to bring a fresh, dynamic perspective to A Cute Style Addict. 

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September 26, 2019

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