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With Valentine's Day upon us, I have been reflecting on love and the effect it has had on my personal style. When my fiancé and I first started dating, I had short, bright purple hair and wore a lot of quirky vintage-inspired outfits. My look was eccentric and loud, reflecting the euphoric, carefree nature of my budding relationship. Looking at pictures from that time, I barely recognize myself.

It is worth noting that during this time I was in my twenties, a time that is, for most people, marked by self-exploration and experimentation. But, in retrospect, I realized that as my relationship grew more ‘serious’, so did my style. Eventually, when shopping or choosing my outfits, I began to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. I also stopped caring so much about what other people thought looked good. Versatile, practical pieces slowly began to fill my closet; and quality, as opposed to quantity, became a requirement. Most importantly, my inherent need to please other people diminished, and my understanding of myself and my unique personal style grew.

As cheesy as it sounds, my relationship grounded me--knowing my fiancé has imbued me with a greater understanding of myself and the confidence to embrace and love the person that I am. As I grew professionally, my evolving style embodied the life change I was embracing. I truly believe that transitioning from the self-centeredness of singlehood to the selflessness of partnership is the most transformative experience of all - sartorially and personally. And I have my loving fiancé to thank for that.

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