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A Cute Style Addict

  • Nejla Renee


Accessories can turn any outfit into "a look" and yet many people, especially men, tend to shy away from them. Men will avoid accessorizing because they are unaccustomed to wearing something as simple as a watch or ring, or they fear that any accessory will look silly. So keep reading gentlemen for easy and subtle ways to take your look to the next level with accessories. And who knows, you might even enjoy it!


Although very practical in the cold, scarves are an easy way to dress up an outfit in any season. Try a lightweight one this summer for a layered effect.

Mens scarves


Not just something you wear to a baseball game. There are many styles that can be worn on a regular basis to make you look pulled together. A good style to try this summer is a panama hat, which is usually made of straw and is not to be confused with a fedora which is more of a cold weather hat since it is made with felt or wool.

Mens hats


You might already have this one down pat, especially since a watch is one of the easiest ways to step up your sartorial game. If you don't wear one, then you should; a chic watch is a great finishing touch to any outfit.

Mens watches


This is definitely one of the easier items to incorporate into everyday style. Be sure to pick a frame that not only speaks to your personal style, but also complements your face shape.

Mens sunglasses


Men too can wear necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and rings. If this is something you are just starting out with then try picking one piece and building from there depending on your comfort level.

Mens jewelry

What are some of your favorite accessories?

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