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We’ve all been there: You bundled up in your chunkiest sweater to brave a blustery 30 degree morning, only to find yourself sweating by midday. The transition from winter to spring is notoriously difficult to dress for and can make picking out an outfit feel impossible. So what’s my secret to dressing when the weather won’t make up its mind? Layering!

When you layer, you’re prepared for anything mother nature wants to throw at you. Read more to learn how layering can take you from a brisk, chilly morning to a warm, sunny afternoon - and vice versa!

Step 1: Base Layer

Start with what you would normally wear - this will be the foundation of your outfit. A base outfit is minimalistic but put together, like a simple dress or jeans and a blouse. A solid base simplifies the layering process and prevents your outfit from being unnecessarily bulky.

Step 2: Jacket

Bomber, leather, denim - any jacket will suffice! I recommend you use this layer when it’s 60 degrees or warmer, but still chilly in the morning that way you can easily shed it as soon as it warms up!

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Step 3: Coat

This is the layer that goes over your jacket. I know it seems redundant, but hear me out: The longer length of this kind of jacket - trench, coated canvas, or rain coat - will layer well over the shorter first layer jacket without adding too much bulk. Make sure your coat is water-repellent because, well, you know what they say about spring showers! Practical and stylish, your coat keeps you warm and dry while complementing the rest of your outfit.

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Step 4: Accessories

Accessories, like scarves, are highly versatile because they can be worn with the base outfit alone or on top of the other layers. The great thing about scarves is they can be loosely wrapped around your neck as more of a decoration piece, or worn a little tighter for more warmth when the temperature starts to drop again.

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Step 5: Shoes

Booties are the best kind of shoe for the wacky weather patterns. They provide enough foot coverage to keep you warm when it's a little cooler, but they are breathable enough to keep you comfortable in warmer temperatures. Keep this part of the look fresh by wearing patent leather boots - not only are they super on-trend right now, but they are also waterproof. Again, practical and stylish!

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What are some of your favorite layering pieces? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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