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All you want to do today is wear your favorite winter dress but its below zero outside so you decide to put on a pair of tights...or is it stockings? And which color? How is a girl to be stylish and warm when it's cold outside? Here is your guide to protecting your legs from frostbite!

How to wear tights

What is the difference between pantyhose, tights and stockings?

There tends to be a lot of confusion around what the difference is between each legwear type, so let's start with some basic definitions:

Pantyhose are legwear that are sheer and cover from the waist to the toes.

Wolford Pantyhose

Wolford Satin Touch Pantyhose

Tights also cover from the waist to the toes but they are usually knitted or made of thicker material than pantyhose.

Spanx Tights

Spanx Luxe Leg High-Waisted Tights

Stockings are similar to pantyhose, but they only cover legs from the toes to somewhere between the knee and mid-thigh.

Falke Stockings

Falke Stay Up Thigh Highs

Can I wear pantyhose with open-toe shoes?

If it is cold enough that you have to cover your legs then you shouldn't be wearing open-toe shoes. But if you absolutely must, then opt for toeless pantyhose.

Commando Toeless Pantyhose

Commando The Keeper Sheer Toeless

Should I wear tights or pantyhose?

Look at the garment you plan to wear; If it primarily consists of light or bright colors, then wear nude sheer pantyhose. If it has a dark color base, then wear opaque tights or black sheer pantyhose.

Nude pantyhose should always be sheer, but when it comes to color, stick to opaque tights. If you are purchasing black sheers, go for an off-black over a true black, which is slightly lighter and tends to be more leg flattering.

How should I choose a color?

If you are venturing beyond the classic nude or black then choose a color based on the predominate colors of your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with neutral tights. For example, if your wardrobe has a lot of browns and grays, then you may not have a need for black tights but rather try brown or gray tights.

Hue Tights

Hue Super Opaque Tights

What about patterns?

If you feel comfortable with your leg wear choices, then you should definitely experiment with various textures and patterns. Do tread cautiously around wearing overly lacy or fishnet styles to work, as they can easily appear unprofessional. Otherwise, have fun! That's what fashion is all about!

Natori Tights

Natori Feathers Lace Net Tights

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