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There’s no denying it: Everyone is crazy about brows!

How exactly did the brow madness begin? Some credit supermodel Cara Delevingne with popularizing the look, while others attribute the trend to evolving standards of beauty - ‘natural’ beauty’s answer to the over-plucked, pencil-thin eyebrows of the 1980s and 90s.

But regardless of how it began, one thing is clear: big, bold brows are here to stay.

While thick-browed girls rejoice, those of us without naturally bold brows (or those of us guilty of over-plucking!) are experiencing major brow envy. If you are someone with sparse brows, don't worry, you can still participate in the trend without relying on eyebrow pencils, gel, powders or anything else! And while you probably won't transform into Cara Delevingne (sadly), after sticking to this regimen, your natural brows can be thicker and healthier than ever before. Here’s how to get them:


Biotin is a B complex vitamin hailed for its ability to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate growth. After just a few weeks of consistently taking these Biotin capsules, you can see results in the form of hair growing at an increased rate. Warning: Be prepared to tweeze more often while taking Biotin, and don’t be freaked out if the odd hair or two starts growing on your’s normal!

Castor Oil

A tasteless, odorless derivative of castor beans, castor oil is renowned in the world of DIY beauty for its power to stimulate hair growth. By nourishing your hair follicles, castor oil, when applied topically, encourages brow growth and strengthens your brow hair. Applying this 100% organic cold-pressed castor oil from Amazon to brows every night before bed will quickly yield results.

After approximately 4-6 weeks of applying castor oil and taking biotin, you can expect to see substantial growth. Consistency is key - commit to those brows!

What are your tips for maintaining healthy brows? Let us know in the comments below!

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