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I love heels! They are sexy and chic and usually hurt like hell after a few hours. So what do you wear when you want to be fashionable but still be able to get all of your errands done without limping by the end of the day? Sneakers of course! Luckily, sneakers have been making a comeback lately and are now acceptable to wear with pretty much everything.

First up is the Adidas Superstar which we are seeing literally everywhere! Celebrities and street style stars, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, are pairing these classic shoes with dresses, leggings, jeans, and more.

Keds are the classic all-american tennis shoe (I mean Taylor Swift wears them!). Less sporty and more feminine, these little sneakers go with just about anything.

Superga are basically the Italian version of Keds. The sole is a bit more substantial than Keds though, so they offer more support. Besides, if these sneakers are fashionable enough for ultimate cool-girl Alexa Chung than they work for me!

Converse Allstars have been around for almost 100 years and were the first sneaker that were acceptable to wear beyond purely athletic endeavors. The design was pretty much unchanged since their introduction until this year when Converse introduced the Chuck Taylor II, which look pretty similar on the outside but have some major upgrades to the interior. Upgrade or not, these kicks still rule the casual sneaker realm!

Toms. Although technically not a sneaker, they are still casual and deserving of a spot on this list. They are super comfortable and the simple design allows for them to be paired with just about anything. Maybe these aren't cool girl approved anymore, but neither were Birkenstocks and look at what happened to those!

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