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So it's officially September but still hot as hell which puts me in this weird place. I know it's hot but I am so tempted by the new and shiny fall clothes in the stores that I so badly want it to be just a little cooler. The last few days I've been doing this thing where I check the weather and delude myself into thinking that I won't sweat my ass off if I wear a black long sleeved dress because instead of suede boots I'm going to wear sandals. But as cute as the black long sleeved dress looks, it's still a little too hot to wear it. Oh well, maybe next week!

This outfit is one of the better results of this weather confused state I'm in. The long sleeved black shift dress, printed vest and sandals make it the perfect summer to fall transition look. Once it starts to really cool down I can switch out the sandals for suede boots and throw on a leather jacket over the whole ensemble. Swap the iced coffee for a pumpkin spiced latte and I am ready for fall!

What are some of your favorite summer to fall transitional pieces?

#summer #fall #fashion #transition

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